Lock Folder & Files
Lock Folder & Files
Lock your important Folders and Files
Locks all kinds of Files and folders
Completely block direct or indirect access
Lock any number of files or folders seamlessly
Manage file and folders a password
Locks and unlocks really fast

What is Lock Folder & Files?

Lock Folder & Files is a fairly simple and easy to use Windows program that can be used to hide files and even folders that might carry sensitive information. Lock Folder & Files doesn't just hide the folder it makes it invisible to any search performed on the system. Also, if someone is able to open Lock Folder & Files on your system even then they cannot open the files/folders without the knowledge of password.

Advantages of Lock Folder & Files

  • Ability to completely hide a particular folder or file
  • You can add any number of files and folder to be locked.
  • File and sub folders in a locked folder can't be accessed and not even from a shortcut
  • Folders that are locked cannot be deleted from the system without being first unlocked.
  • Since the folders and files are locked without performing any kind of encryption or any data modification, Your documents are always safe. As there is no encryption key to be lost.
  • UnInstallation of the whole software cannot be done without providing the password.
  • Lock Folders & Files is extremely easy to use.
  • Allows you to change the protection password.
  • Your locked files are folders are protected even if the system is restarted.
  • Once locked, Links Or the recent document list or any other indirect way to access the locked file or folder does not work.


Best locking technology
Employs a highly efficient algorithm to perform blocking
Makes them invisible
Locked files are no longer visible from anywhere explorer or dos
Makes them Inaccessible
Locked files and folders are no longer accessible from any application or windows.
Protect them with a password
You can keep a strong password for all your files and folders.
Quickly lock or unlock
Since the lock is without any encryption, lock and unlocking happens in a second.
Works on Windows
Does locking for windows8, windows 7, windows XP and for both 32 bit and 64 bit


Password Protection Protects files or folders Yes No
Uninstall Protection Asks for a password before un-installing Yes No
Lock Folder Ability to lock folder Yes No
Lock Files of any size Yes
limit 500 KB
No limit on file size

System requirements

Compatibility32 Bit64 Bit
Windows XP Yes No
Windows 7 Yes No
Windows 8 Yes No


See the usage video below (please watch in full screen):

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